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Bishop James Henry McKenzie is the Overseer and Pastor of Tree of Life Apostolic Holiness Church, Inc.  He and his wife, Mother Jannie B. McKenzie, donated their land to the church and turned it into a marvelous facility for adults and children alike.  Bishop McKenzie often recalls the day when he was walking across his land in an effort to decide how it should be utilized and God spoke to him to command him to turn it into a camp for the children of the church.  He tells us that he immediately shared his instruction from God with his wife and so they willing offered their land for this purpose.


The petting farm helps keep children out of trouble.  Children love to spend time at the farm with the company of over 200 animals:  horses, peacocks, hogs, turkeys, Llamas, ducks, geese, guinea pigs, emus, and rabbits!  You are invited to come visit the farm and interact with the animals.

Camp Tree of Life is a Non-Profit Church Organization.  We thank you for not smoking, drinking alcohol, or using profanity.  Camp Tree of Life is a Holiness Church Facility owned and operated by Tree of Life Apostolic Holiness Church.  Due to the high cost of the upkeep of the camp and medical care and feeding of the animals, we need all the donations that we can get so we ask that you enjoy our facility and not hesitate to return again and again.